Tailored Solutions for every type of business. Whether you are a self employed professional, vendor, manufacturer, in the hospitality industry, personal services, contractor, carrier, realtor or condo board we can provide the services you need, when you need it. Our trained professionals can work either on-site or in-house. We adapt to your unique situation and needs, providing specific, practical solutions for your business.

Lynn Freeland Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Inc. was started in 1988, by† President Lynn Freeland who brought 23 years of experience in accounting concepts with her.††The Experienced Professional Staff of Lynn Freeland Accounting & Bookkeeping Services have years of training and practical experience in accounting, bookkeeping and business.

We have a long standing relationship and excellent reputation with many of Windsorís best accounting firms. You can depend on us to provide financial information which is a prompt and accurate measure of your business - so you can focus on growth and profitability.